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Vicky (Icky with a V, as she is often referred to) is the babysitter of Timmy Turner, the central character on animated series The Fairly OddParents. She has a reputation for being very mean and making things tough for Timmy.

She is apparently the only babysitter in Dimmsdale, although her particularly hard-handed intimidation tactics, as seen in some episodes, may explain the lack of competition.Then again, she might be the lesser of two evils: the 'back-up babysitters' Mr. and Mrs. Turner call in on one occasion is a group of black-robed, green skinned creatures wielding medieval weaponry, whose greeting was: "Give us the boy!" and who smashed through a door to get at Timmy. Nevertheless, Vicky is a sadistic meanie who presents a nice face to parents; she enjoys annoying and terrorizing small children for no particular reason.

Butch Hartman, creator of "The Fairly OddParents" said that she was probably based on a horrible nightmare of a babysitter everyone has had, and this show needed an adversary who was in the house all the time.

Ironically, in the very first episode of the series (originally seen on Oh Yeah! Cartoons), Vicky seems to become the sympathetic character halfway through the story. Also on this episode, she calls up her younger brother, but according to "Timmy's 2D House of Horror," the only people living in Vicky's house are Vicky, her parents (Vic, who was Mr. Crocker's babysitter during his childhood, may or may not be her father, but they are related in some way), her sister Tootie, and her dog Doidle.

Vicky looks like the stereotypical Teenage girl, wearing a green Midriff Shirt with black Jeans, and is obsessed with fashion and men. Like most of the characters Grey DeLisle plays on the cartoon The Fairly OddParents, she speaks with a Valley Girl accent.

Vicky looks almost exactly like Frances "Frankie" Foster from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Both characters have the same voice actor, Grey DeLisle.

To the unsuspecting parents in Dimmsdale, 16-year-old babysitter Vicky can do no harm, but to the kids she babysits, especially Timmy Turner, she's evil personified. The real reason for "Icky" Vicky's evilness is never fully explained, although she seems to get it from such ancestors as Vicky Khan (who was Genghis Khan's babysitter), Vicky the Kid (who temporarily had possession of the deed to Dimmsdale Flats), Pegleg Vicky (who showed up when Timmy wished the world was an old cartoon), although these characters may not even be related.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Some fans speculate that Vicky is not evil at all but instead had a rough childhood, and she's angry at the world for it. Other fans argue against that theory by pointing out that Vicky's parents are afraid of her. Confusingly, in the episode "Home Wreckers", Vicky appears to be secretly afraid of her parents. This may also be seen in "The Switch Glitch" where Timmy wishes her to be a five year old so he can get back at her; it is shown that she was normal until she was tormented by Timmy and got revenge on him when she got Cosmo and Wanda.

In the episode "Snow Bound", Vicky and Timmy become friends for a short period of time while they are trapped inside a cave due to an avalanche. While together, Vicky reveals that she had had a childhood experience strangely close to that of Timmy's which she cries over. Vicky can often be seen crying throughout the series (usually because of the consequences of Timmy's wishes), which have some fans believing that she is not 100% devoid of all human emotions.

The episode "Tiny Timmy!" offers another explanation; it is stated that her niceness never showed up for work. Another explanation was given in the episode "Vicky Loses Her Icky", where it is shown that she is the victim of an evil parasite residing in her butt (though it could've been that that was how her natural evil was manifested after it was wished out of her). (Strangely however, the "evil parasite" fact is contradicted in another episode.) It is possible that it runs in her family, as Victor was similar to Vicky when he was 16.

In the episode "It's a Wishful Life" Timmy Turner sees how wonderful everyone's life would have been better if he'd never been born as a boy (as a girl he makes his parents rich) – even Vicky – who despite an evil smile-is an assistant to Dr. Bender and helps relieves - and "not causes" - pain through use of laughing gas.

Vicky's main hobbies (besides watching television and stuffing herself) include torturing people and making them do her chores by threatening to show their parents bad things about them. Her list of victims includes her Timmy-worshipping sister, Tootie, and her aforementioned parents. However, she is almost never mean to her pets, especially Doidle the Dog (whom she treats a lot better than her "prisoners"), except when they cause accidents.

It's apparent that Vicky is mainly intent on earning money, though not just from babysitting. She tried to bring a car to Doug Dimmadome, who was willing to pay 10,000 Dimmadollars for it, even though she already sold it to Mr. Turner for $100. She also seems intent on world domination, as shown in the telefilm Channel Chasers. One of her confidents Denzel Crocker also has similar traits to Vicky - being cruel and sadistic to 10-year-olds and having dreams of world domination in the telefilm Abra-Catastrophe.

Vicky is picky in her taste in men - she wants a man who's rich, handsome and famous. She once tried to marry singing sensation Chip Skylark, but she called it off when she found out he wasn't actually rich. Vicky is sometimes pursued by alien prince Mark Chang, who fell for her meanness in the episode "Spaced Out!" (Mark evidently settles for a Vicky clone). Vicky also once found love with a male counterpart named Ricky, who was just as mean as she was, but she lost him when he was tricked into marrying Mr. Crocker's mom. She has also had a crush on a boy called Winston Dunnsworth. Vicky even fell for Timmy twice- once when he had been changed into "a 16-year-old Hunky Norwegian supermodel named 'Gah!'" (Timmy, needless to say, wasn't exactly enamored of her advances), and also in the episode "Oh Brother!" when Timmy tried singing a love song to Tootie to get her to like him again. (She liked his horribly squeaky voice and thought that he was a mystery singer. Because of this, Timmy threw up.)

Vicky obviously doesn't know that Timmy's pet goldfish are actually his fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda, who started caring for him about a year after Vicky first babysat him. However, Vicky has had a few incidents caused by Cosmo & Wanda's magic. For example, in the comic story "Power Play" (printed in "Nick Mag Presents The Fairly OddParents!"), she got a taste of having limitless power as a result of one of Timmy's errant wishes, but her powers were eventually removed when Timmy tricked her into turning back time to before he made the wish. Vicky unknowingly stole Wanda's wand in the Oh Yeah! short "Where's the Wand?" (which hasn't been incorporated into an episode of the regular series, but appears as a bonus feature on one of the DVDs). In The Fairly OddParents: Breakin' Da Rules, Vicky gained possession of the Da Rules book, and uses it for limited power.

She temporarily did find out the fairies' existence when Timmy wished she could shrink down to a five-year-old and he could torture her the way she was doing to him (in the episode "The Switch Glitch"). Because of this change in the victim-villain relationship, Cosmo & Wanda were reassigned to Vicky, who then used them to get back at Timmy. Fortunately, Timmy saved his godparents by tricking Vicky into saying she didn't want them anymore, and Vicky's memory of ever knowing Cosmo & Wanda was erased.

Vicky as the Baby Shredder
Vicky as the Baby Shredder

In "The Big Superhero Wish," Vicky was transformed into a supervillain known as the Baby Shredder, whose appearance had obviously imitated Wolverine from the X-Men and was employed alongside Dr. Crocktopus (Denzel Crocker) whose costumed also spoofed the Marvel super-villain Doc Ock and the Bull-E (Francis) by the NegaChin to help take over the world. Their plans were foiled, however, and Vicky ended up being turned back to her normal self.

As far as personality goes, at the start of the show, Vicky was just cruel, nasty, and unkind. As the show went on, however, she became increasingly violent and sadistic, going as far to use a flamethrower to destroy Timmy's living room. Timmy also stated that, when being babysat by his grandfather in the episode "The Good Ol' Days", that Vicky let weasels chew at his ankles. This is one of the many big personality changes that characters received during the show's course.

Vicky frequently bribes people using money and in one episode held off the Yeti with wads of frozen cash. In the tele-movie "Channel Chasers" she took over the world becoming Vicky - Supreme Ruler of the Earth. However she was overthrown by Timmy.

The last episode The Jerkinators shows both Vicky and Crocker being zapped by the Jerkinator along with citizens of Jimmy and Timmy's worlds.

Spoilers end here.


  • Her last name was never revealed, just like Francis.
  • At the end of the theme song in each episode, her head turns into an object that has to do with the episode (or one of the episodes in the 30-minute block).
  • Chip Skylark wrote a song about her titled "Icky Vicky".
  • In the pilot episode Vicky mentioned a little brother who's apparently never appeared in the series.
  • At one point in the series Timmys Parents found out how mean Vicky is to Timmy and were going to fire her, but Timmy didn't want this as he'd lose Cosmo and Wanda if he didn't have a hard childhood, so he reversed time with his Universal remote and everything went back to normal.


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