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Kimiko Tohomiko is a fictional character from the animated television series Xiaolin Showdown. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle.

 Character synopsis

Kimiko is the Xiaolin Dragon of Fire. She is the only character in the show to have a different hairstyle and outfit in every episode, though her typical hairstyle is pigtails. She is the most acquainted with the latest modern technology (since her father bought her every electronic toy and device she ever had) and is usually the one to pursue the research required of particularly odd Shen Gong Wu like the Sapphire Dragon. In the earlier episodes, her best friend, Keiko, can often be heard talking to Kimiko on her cell phone.

 Character personality

Kimiko is a brave and skilled fighter. It would seem that her personality matches her element; she is flamboyant, impulsive, and short-tempered. While she is capable of acting as a mediator between Omi and Raimundo and can be seen as an older sister figure to Omi, she also tends to become very angry when her abilities as a fighter are downsized because she is a girl. Kimiko's worst fear is a little doll she once owned, which, incidentally, was burned. She occasionally yells at Clay for "abusing the English language." As the only female in the entire temple, she wants to demonstrate that she can handle things on her own as well as her teammates or better. Although Omi, Clay, and Raimundo have turned to the Heylin side temporarily, Kimiko is the only one that has not turned to the Heylin side yet. Master Fung is another that has not turned evil. Kimiko's look alike, who was actually Jack's Chameleon Bot, was evil but Kimiko was never evil. Except for in The Life and Times of Hannibal Roy Bean when at the begining she was in a showdown with Wuya and went in and out of the Yin Yang World without both pieces to the Yin Yang Yo-Yo which caused her to switch between evil and good.

 Character history

Kimiko is the daughter of the affluent, influential, and powerful Japanese businessman, Toshiro Tohomiko, who owns the most prominent toy and game company in Asia, Tohomiko Electronics, making her somewhat of a privileged woman. Her father bought her practically every electronic toy in existence at the cost of other needs; she had to beg her father to buy her new clothes.

In the episode "Tangled Web" no one would believe that Kimiko would win, except for Raimundo in a bet with Clay and Omi.

In early episodes, Kimiko was often talking to her friend Keiko on her cell phone. Later in the series, her friend is not mentioned again.

She once was replaced by Jack Spicer's Chameleon-Bot and was trapped by Jack, but escaped. While in captivity, though, Jack attempted to flirt with her. She also has defeated Sibini, an evil earwig spirit of mischief, in a Xiaolin Showdown, trapping him inside the Mosaic Scale and the Monarch Wings for eternity. Her worst fear is Li'l Chica doll. She has also defeated PandaBubba in a showdown, in Goo Zombies 4 for the Zing Zom-Bone.

Kimiko as the Xiaolin Dragon of Fire

The Shen Gong Wu she most often uses are the Star Hanabi, which when combined with her element becomes a flaming shuriken, and the Tangle Web Comb, though she has used her element with the Eye of Dashi. Kimiko's elemental attack is Judolette Flip, and her Wudai attack is Wudai Mars — Fire. Kimiko also used an attack called Wudai Fire Shield to save the monks from an exploding oilrig. Her Wudai Weapon is called the Arrow Sparrow, a pouch full of sparrow-shaped metal darts that burst into flame when thrown. She also can create fireballs. Her elemental Shen Gong Wu is called the Cat's Eye Draco, and when combined with her Wudai weapon, it creates an inferno capable of wiping out multiple enemies and the arrows can go through multiple enemies.

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