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Frances "Frankie" Foster is a fictional character in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and voiced by Grey DeLisle.


Frances "Frankie" Foster (almost always called Frankie for short by everyone except Mr. Herriman) is (according to her license as seen in "Bus The Two of Us" and her Coco Card) the 5-foot-6 inch tall, 127-pound easy-going, 22-year-old granddaughter of Madame Foster who was born July 25, and in charge of everything at Foster's (once referred by Mac as "the estate manager"), from cooking to cleaning the house to doing the laundry. She occasionally feels stressed out from everything, letting Mr. Herriman get under her skin more often than not for sticking to his rules. We also learn that she's into punk rock, as discovered in "Everyone Knows It's Bendy" and "Imposter's Home For Um…Make 'Em Up Pals".


She can be quite charming, though, as seen in "Frankie My Dear", where Mac, Bloo, an imaginary Prince Charming (that later appeared in "The Big Cheese"), and a pizza delivery boy named Chris all fall briefly in love with her, and in "Good Wilt Hunting", where two nerds consider her to be a vision of beauty. Frankie can be skeptical at times, as seen in "Imposter's Home For Um Make 'Em Up Pals", where she thinks Goofball John McGee isn't an imaginary friend because of his overly-human appearance. In fact, Goofball has an elephantine trunk hidden behind a red clown nose he had been wearing at the time. She also has an unhealthy addiction to Madame Foster's home-baked cookies, often driving her into a feeding frenzy.

It's not a good idea to get on her bad side, as she gave Mr. Herriman all sorts of fits throughout "Busted", where she had to clean up various messes made when Mac and friends were trying to repair Madame Foster's bust, or in "Crime After Crime", where she tried making "It" (a smelly, stinky food concoction that Bloo likened to vomit) many times, only to have ceiling plaster fall in, thus ruining the recipe and the overall "taste" of "It", which made Madame Foster smack her hand and tell her to make it again. When she finally manages to make the dish, Bloo is the only one left who hadn't been sent to his room without supper, so he was forced to eat it. In addition, she may have a case of road rage, especially seen in "Good Wilt Hunting", where officer Nina Valarosa, Eduardo's creator, hands out tickets for various traffic violations. She also won the election for president of the house in "Setting A President", but resigned when she found out the pay was worse than her old job. In the cold, dark autumn of 1984, Frankie was the first one to open the secret door containing the Scribbles, until Bloo accidentally released them in "The Trouble with Scribbles". Mr. Herriman appears to hold some sort of grudge against her even to this day, even after Frankie recounts that she said, "I was sowwy." Frankie's character design looks loosely based on series supervising producer (and real-life spouse of series creator Craig McCracken) Lauren Faust. She wears a stylized Powerpuff Girls T-shirt complete with versions of Buttercup (in green), Blossom (in pink) and Bubbles (in light pink) most of the time.

Phone number

According to the episode "Phone Home", Frankie's cell phone number is 555-6300.

Other appearances

Frankie appeared in two Cartoon Network bumpers, one where she struggles to find a parking space and another when Ben of Ben 10 as Wildmutt bumps into her and she remarks "Smooth, WildBoy."

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